Divination by children

Divination by children

Everyone wants to know what awaits him in the future. That is why throughout the world, various types of divination are so common. Always exciting and even a little scary, fortune-telling allows us to open the curtain of the secrets of the future, to believe in the best. Many materialists criticize fortune-telling, they say that any guessing is a complete fantasy, in the performance of which only very impressionable young ladies can believe. Nevertheless, for thousands of years people have been hoping for fortune tellers and are trying to look into their future ...

Divination by future children is the most, perhaps,an important and touching kind of fortune-telling. To no fortune telling women do not fit with such trepidation and excitement. In every country, each people has its own fortune telling, with the help of which it is possible to determine what sex the future child will be, and the number of children that a woman can have. There are fortune telling that will suit any woman and even a man, but there are those that work only during pregnancy.

The best known is divination by children - this is fortune tellinga needle or a pendulum. Its disadvantage is that if they tell the girl, it shows not only the children born, but also miscarriages and abortions. Men only show birth to children. To conduct a divination by a needle on children you will need a needle (or pendulum) with a white thread. Take the tip of the thread with your right hand, and turn the left hand with your palm upward. Three times, lower the needle between the index finger and the large one, and then lift the needle over the palm. The needle will begin to sway. If she swings from side to side, this indicates that the first child will be a boy, and if in a circle - a girl. This procedure should be repeated several times until the needle stops swinging over the palm. So you can guess and those people who already have children - then the needle will show and already born children.

There is another divination of children related topalm, it is based on palmistry. On the left hand you need to look at the gap between the heart line and the little finger. There are lines that talk about the number and the field of children. If there is a clear and deep line, then this indicates the birth of the girl, if the line is fuzzy and thin, then a boy will be born.

Help the future children get the water andstones. Draw some water into a container. Take a few stones and write on them the male and female names that you like. Then lower these stones into the water. After 30-40 minutes, you need to carefully remove the stones from the water and see what's left of the inscriptions. If there is a name left on any of the stones, it will help you determine the sex of the unborn child, and it may well be that his name. If there are not a single inscription left on the stones, you will not have children in the near future.

There is another guessing on children with water,But you can only say this in winter. In a cup of water you need to lower the wedding ring, then put the cup on the night outside. And in the morning, according to the number of dimples and tubercles on frozen water, the number of future children can be determined: dimples refer to girls, and tubercles are boys.

During pregnancy, even at the earliestterms, the sex of the future baby can be determined with the help of a piece of bread. A pregnant woman needs to break off a piece of bread, put it in the middle of the yard and press it aside, who will be the first to go to food. If it's a dog, then a boy will be born, and if the bird is a girl.

In case a woman already has a child, sheguessing on the children on the first child's swing is appropriate. The loaf is to be placed on the table, and next to it, put three candles. Lighting the first, it is necessary to say "In the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit", the second one needs to say the same phrase and add the word "boy", and the third one - "girl". The first extinguished candle will show the sex of the future baby whose sex has not been determined, then the woman will no longer have children.

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  • Divination by children Divination by children Divination by children Divination by children Divination by children Divination by children Divination by children Divination by children Divination by children Divination by children Divination by children