Director Robert Altman: biography. Top Movies

Director Robert Altman: biography. Top Movies

Robert Altman is a director who went down in history asthe most famous creator of the American author's cinema. Throughout his life, this man in his films laughed at the "factory of dreams," its worn-out stamps and plots. Drama, musical, western - it is difficult to name a genre, in the development of which the master did not have time to contribute. What is known about this talented man and the pictures he shot?

Robert Altman: The Biography of the Star

The future director was born in Kansas City,located in the territory of the American state of Missouri, it happened in February 1925. Robert Altman is not a descendant of the cinematic dynasty, his parents were an insurance agent and a housewife. The boy was sent to a Catholic school, but he tried to spend less time doing lessons. In his teens, music became one of his main interests, Robert excellently understood modern groups. However, the musician's career was never his goal.

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Becoming a graduate of the school, Robert Altman did not know,what profession to choose. He received a diploma from the Military Academy of Wentworth, worked for a while as an assistant pilot, he even had a chance to take part in the Second World War. Then the guy entered the University of Missouri, choosing the engineering department, but soon disillusioned with his studies.

From the writer to the director

Rejecting the decision to become an engineer, RobertAltman moved to sunny California and began writing stories. Of course, the fruits of his creative activity for some time no one was interested, but then luck still smiled at the young man. He bought the story "The Bodyguard," whose story in 1948 served as the basis for the painting of the same name.

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Altman, inspired by his first seriousachievement, firmly decided to become part of the magical world of cinema. For some time the guy spent as a director of the Calvin Company in Kansas, filming commercials and in practice studying the secrets of the filming process. For the first time a young man was talked about after his documentary "Offenders" was published, dedicated to juvenile offenders, but then the glory turned out to be fleeting. Finally believing in his talent, Robert returned to California.


Alfred Hitchcock is a person with whomRobert Altman worked for some time. The films he shot in those years were intended for the series "Alfred Hitchcock represents." However, the beginning director wanted something more, he dreamed of working independently. The master's desire came true in 1969, when he presented to the public the drama "MESH".

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The central characters of the picture were doctors,working in a mobile hospital. Doctors become participants in the Korean war, but the horrors experienced do not force them to lose humanity and stop helping people. The main role played brilliantly already became a star at the time, Donald Sutherland. The picture collected a huge amount at the box office, and its creator acquired a stellar status.

The best film projects

Robert Altman is a director whose filmsare not intended for a wide audience. Some fall in love with his paintings at first sight, others refuse to view in a few minutes. Western "McCabe and Mrs. Miller" - the first tape with which the maestro demonstrated his reluctance to "play by the rules." The protagonist of the picture is not at all a brave defender of the weak, as people are used to seeing cowboys in a movie. The central character - a scoundrel, who creates a brothel in the village, and then perishes because of his own stupidity.

The comedy of Robert Altman's "Wedding" is also considereda kind of challenge that the director threw the world of Hollywood. The protagonists of the picture are representatives of two different families, which brought together a wedding of children. The ceremony turns out to be in jeopardy because of the death of an elderly grandmother. However, the relatives decide to continue the celebration without reporting the death of the old woman.

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The film "The Gambler" - another mockery of Altman overthe world of Hollywood. The central character of the tape is a Hollywood producer, who receives threats from the screenwriter whose work he rejected. Fearing for his life, the producer deprives the enemy of life, and then makes every effort to avoid criminal liability. The greatest impression on viewers is produced by the "happy ending".


Altman is a person whom close people alwaysdescribed as a workaholic who can not rest. It's no wonder that the director literally died on the set. His last work is the tragicomic musical "Companions", this work was completed by the maestro shortly before his death. Robert passed away in November 2006, having celebrated his 80th birthday. As a cause of death of this talented person, doctors called leukemia.

The son of Altman Michael claims that his father was happy throughout his life. After all, he allowed himself to shoot such pictures as he liked, not paying attention to the opinions of others.

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  • Director Robert Altman: biography. Top Movies Director Robert Altman: biography. Top Movies Director Robert Altman: biography. Top Movies Director Robert Altman: biography. Top Movies Director Robert Altman: biography. Top Movies Director Robert Altman: biography. Top Movies Director Robert Altman: biography. Top Movies Director Robert Altman: biography. Top Movies Director Robert Altman: biography. Top Movies Director Robert Altman: biography. Top Movies