Destination in real life

"Destination" in real life

The Destination franchise has managed to cheat death many times. Originally conceived as an episode of the series “The X-Files” (“The X-Files”) in 1995, five years later, the script transformed into a full-fledged feature film. In each film, Death herself tracks down victims who have evaded their supposed fate.

1. A woman was deceived by death during a fire in a Brazilian nightclub, where 238 people died, but a week later she herself died in a car accident.

Jessica rohl

The woman who escaped death due to a decision made at the last minute not to go to the club that night, but despite plans to stay at home, she died in a traffic accident a week later.

In January 2013, 21-year-old Jessica de Lima Rol helped to organize a party for university students at the Kiss nightclub in Santa Maria, southern Brazil, and sold tickets to the event. But when she was ready to leave the house to have fun too, her boyfriend called her and asked her not to go.

Despite the fact that most of her friends went to the party, Jessica fulfilled the request of 20-year-old Adriano Stefanel, who lived in another city, and stayed at home.A few hours later, a fire broke out at the club - as a result of the launch of fireworks on the stage, construction foam on the roof of the club caught fire. Many suffocated because of toxic smoke, others died during the stampede in the door, trying to escape from the fire. It was the worst fire in a nightclub in the last ten years.

Just five days later, the girl went to another city, where her boyfriend was working at the time, they planned to return together in a couple of days. But the couple managed to drive only a few kilometers when their Volkswagen collided with a truck in a frontal position.

2. A girl who survived an Asiana Airlines plane crash was killed by a fire engine.


When the wreckage of the “Asiana” aircraft burned, flight 214, Ye Men Yuan lay just ten meters from the crash site, buried under the foam that the rescuers sprayed to extinguish the flame. No one can say for sure how a 16-year-old Chinese student turned out to be in this place, but you can't argue with one thing: she somehow survived in a plane crash that occurred on July 6, 2013 at the San Francisco International Airport.


Ye Men Yuan in the center

But at a critical moment, including when the flame devoured the fuselage,and there were still passengers in the cabin, and the flight attendants desperately tried to cut the straps so that they could get out, a fire truck passed by Yuan - and the girl died.

Two firefighters had previously seen Yuan lying on the runway in a fetal position under a pile of foam, but they thought she was dead. However, later investigators were able to establish that at that moment the girl was still alive.

The unpublished video from the crash site shows how the first car pulls away from the plane, as sheriff Johnson arrives and inspects the scene of the incident, including the area where the girl was lying. At this time there comes a second car and covers the plane with foam. Not knowing that there was a girl under the foam on the field, the driver drove through this place and killed her.

Yuan was one of two killed in this car accident, the other victim was her classmate Wang Linya. It is noteworthy that the remaining 305 passengers survived.

3. The woman was killed in the cinema after she managed to survive the shooting in the mall.


Jessica redfield

A few hours after the mass shooting at a cinema in Aurora, Colorado, photos of the event appeared on the network.Among them was a photograph of a pretty red-haired woman with a smile on her face. Jessica Redfield, a young sports commentator and blogger from Texas, was one of 12 victims of the shootout.

Just a month before, Redfield had survived the shooting at the Eaton Mall in Toronto, where one person died and several more were injured. Redfield wrote in her blog then:

“I don’t get a strange feeling out of my heart. I find it hard to believe that I survived after that shooting. It just could not happen. ”

She wrote that then chose what to buy - a hamburger or sushi. Then she decided to leave the center for fresh air, because she had a strange feeling. If she had not gone out, she would have stayed in the restaurant when the shooting began.

4. The woman survived the 9/11 crash and died in a plane crash of flight AA 587 two months later


When the terrorists attacked the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, Hilde Yolande Mayol smiled good luck: she managed to run out of the restaurant on the first floor where she worked. Unfortunately, her luck lasted only two months. She was one of the passengers on the doomed flight of American Airlines: plane 589 crashed in the New York area of ​​Queens on November 12 - all 260 passengers died.

Mayol, 26, went home to the Dominican Republic to rest with her mother and two children who left New York two weeks earlier with another flight.

5. The only member of the University of Evansville men's basketball team who was not on the plane during the “Deadly DC-3” flight was hit by a drunk driver two weeks later


In 1977, almost the entire men's basketball team at the University of Evansville died in a plane crash. One player was unable to fly to the competition along with everyone since he was sick, and two weeks later he died in a car accident.

The crash occurred on December 13, 1977, when Deadly DC-3, registration number 5107, crashed during a departure from Evansill Airport, Indiana. The plane lost control and crashed shortly after takeoff.

Freshman David Farr was not on the plane that day — the basketball player was unable to fly due to an ankle injury. Two weeks after the accident, he and his 16-year-old brother were returning home after a festive basketball competition and were hit by a drunk car driver. This happened in Newton, Illinois, and as a result, all members of the Purple Aces basketball team were dead.

6Father and daughter died in an airplane crash four years after they miraculously escaped death in a plane crash


In 2011, a father and daughter from Texas, who miraculously survived a car accident, four years after she died in another car accident. 70-year-old Elsie Warren and his 52-year-old daughter, Phyllis Gene Ridings, flew in an experimental plane at an air show in Temple, Texas, when the cabin began to fill with smoke. The plane crashed, giving rise to a ball of flame, just half a kilometer north of Conroy Airport, Texas.

Both father and daughter were members of the Association of Experimental Planes and flew aboard a ship built by Ravin 500, whose planes had transported a total of 20 people all over the world. The plane was piloted by Warren.

In 2007, they miraculously survived, having made an emergency landing in the field, after the engine of their self-made aircraft caught fire. Readings then said: “We survived thanks to my father’s flight skills and God — he saved us from death.”

Whether God is to blame or the skill of the father-pilot failed, but Death finally caught up with the father and daughter at the final destination.

7. The woman was late for the fatal flight 447 of “Air France” and died in a car accident two weeks later.


Johanna Gantaler

In 2009, the Italian miraculously escaped death by not hitting aboard Air France flight 447, as she arrived at the airport too late. Two weeks later, she died in a car accident.

Johanna Gantaler, a pensioner from the province of Bolzano, was on holiday in Brazil with her husband Kurt. Spouses are late for the flight, too late arriving at the airport of Rio de Janeiro. All 228 people on board died after the plane exploded over the Atlantic Ocean four hours before the proposed landing in Paris. The pair managed to fly out of Rio on another flight the next day.

Two weeks later, Mrs. Gantaler died when her car flew into the oncoming lane in Kufstein, Austria, where it collided with a truck. Her husband was seriously injured.

However, the story was not as beautiful as in the famous blockbuster. The husband later admitted that he and his wife did not buy tickets for the fateful flight. In fact, they traveled to Iberia, and the ticket story was a mere fiction.

8. A little boy who survived a monstrous tornado in Oklahoma was bitten by a dog.

Bullmastiff dog

If you are five years old, then only one tornado is enough to at least get scared.If, after this, you begin to live in a strange house, then, like this little boy, you will surely break down and cry. However, in the eyes of the dog a small child was an outsider shouting at a family member, which could be regarded by the dog as a threat: the 70-pound mastiff attacked the five-year-old boy, crumpled it and bit his head and neck.


Lynn gelling

Lynn Geling took the boy to her home in Jaceville, Arkansas, after he and his parents survived a tornado that hit Oklahoma in May 2013. Parents returned home to collect the fragments of their lives and somehow try to start again.

On the day of the tragedy of the child something greatly upset, and he became hysterical. Geling tried to calm him down, but the shouts had a negative effect on the dog - probably the dog thought that the boy had attacked his mistress, so he attacked him.

Geling tried to open the jaws of her dog and called for help from her husband. In the end, they managed to drive off the dog, but it was too late. Of course, the couple called an ambulance, and the boy was taken to the hospital, but it was not possible to save him.

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  • Destination in real life

    Destination in real life

    Destination in real life

    Destination in real life

    Destination in real life

    Destination in real life

    Destination in real life

    Destination in real life

    Destination in real life

    Destination in real life

    Destination in real life Destination in real life Destination in real life Destination in real life Destination in real life Destination in real life Destination in real life Destination in real life Destination in real life Destination in real life Destination in real life Destination in real life Destination in real life Destination in real life Destination in real life Destination in real life Destination in real life Destination in real life Destination in real life