Dalacine (cream)

"Dalacine" (cream)

A drug called Dalacin is available inthree forms: in the form of capsules, gel and cream. In this article, we suggest you read the description and instructions for using the cream. It is a mass of white and belongs to the antibiotics of the group of lincosamides.

In a 20-gram pack of cream there are threeplastic applicator, in 40-gram - 7 applicators. They are designed to more accurately and correctly enter the cream into the vagina. After removing the cap from the tube, it is necessary to screw one applicator onto the neck of the tube, which has a special thread. Roll the tube from the other end, squeeze the cream into the applicator. Note that it is considered to be full when the piston has come to a stop. Then the applicator is unscrewed, and the cap is wrapped back. Insert the device into the vagina should be very carefully in the supine position on the back, pulling the knees to the chest. The applicator is positioned as deep as possible. The cream is inserted by pressing the piston, after which the design is carefully extracted and discarded.

With prolonged or severe diarrhea that develops during treatment, "Dalacin" cream should be discarded, followed by special diagnostic procedures and further treatment.

The main active substance of "Dalacin"clindamycin. In addition, the composition of the cream includes: sorbitan monostearate, polysorbate, propylene glycol, cetostearyl alcohol, stearic acid, cetyl palmitate, benzyl alcohol, mineral oil and purified water.

Vaginal "Dalacin" cream is used exclusively for bacterial vaginosis.

The drug is contraindicated in people with increased sensitivity to clindamycin or any other component that is part of its composition.

If we talk about the way of use and doses,"Dalacin" cream is applied only intravaginally. It is advisable to do this before bed. One complete applicator is filled with 5 g of cream. The procedure should be done for three or seven consecutive days.

Unfortunately, adequate controlledStudies on the use of the drug "Dalacin" during pregnancy have not been conducted. So, in the first trimester it is applied only on absolute indications. When applying the drug in the second and third trimesters, the effect on the appearance of congenital anomalies of the fetus was not observed. During lactation, treatment can take place only if the benefits of therapy exceed the risk for the child.

Do not recommend the drug treatment with other agents for intravaginal administration. Everything depends on each case.

Vaginal cream "Dalacin" should be prescribed after exclusion of the presence of Chlamydia trachomatis, Trichomonas vaginalis, Candida albicans, Neisseria gonorrhoeae.

The use of clindamycin may be intravaginalto cause the increased growth of yeast-like fungi or other insensitive organisms. When conducting therapeutic therapy, patients should not have sexual intercourse or use products for intravaginal administration. During treatment, it is also not necessary to use condoms or vaginal diaphragms, since the components entering the cream can reduce the strength of rubber or latex products.

As for the side effects that cancause "Dalatsin" cream, the incidence of such - less than 10%. Nevertheless, among the possible reactions are certain diseases from the genitourinary system (trichomonas vaginitis, vulvovaginitis, uterine bleeding, proteinuria, etc.), systemic diseases (inflammatory edema, bacterial infections, back pain, upper respiratory tract infections), unpleasant phenomena on the part of the digestive tract (constipation, flatulence, dyspepsia, abdominal pain), CNS (dizziness), and others.

In general, Dalacin Cream, which is confirmed by its positive characteristics, is very effective and, when properly applied and treated, does not cause side effects and complications.

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