Choosing stylish handbags for women

Choosing stylish handbags for women

Reliable assistant

For any woman, a bag is not only a bright accessory, but also an assistant. It always hides all the most necessary things: from lipstick and a mirror to a wallet and documents. Therefore, the bags of spring-summer 2016 take into account not only the peculiarities of a cheerful and hooligan mood during this period, but also the needs of women.

Do you want to surprise others? Get an interesting handbag from the new collections, which are now represented by a great many. And sweet treats, and belt bags, and models with a fringe or using a large chain instead of a handle. The choice is wide, and you just have to choose what “the heart wants”.

Delicious delicacies

Three bags in the form of cakesWould you like to carry a bag in the shape of a delicious dessert? But the designers on the catwalks offered fashionistas just such an option. For example, knitted bags in the form of a cake, ice cream or cake with cream. Om-Nom-nom! You can take such an accessory with you, and now everyone can declare with complete confidence that you are “appetizing” or “sweet.”

In general, you will receive compliments and, perhaps, even from those people from whom you could hardly expect it. And this accessory will surely add a little playfulness to your mood that people around you will notice.

Face bag

Another interesting trend of the upcoming season. On the podium were presented accessories in the form of cute and very cute "attractive faces". What only is a small handbag in the form of a girly with two tails, which replaced the tassels of fringe!

Such an original direction in the creation of accessories is inherent in almost all brands, so feel free to surprise yourself and others by buying such a novelty and complement your spring and summer wardrobe.

Fashionable and original handbags 2016 of the coming season in the form of persons can be of any size and shape. The main thing - the presence of contours, resembling an oval face.

Belt bags

White belt bag for a womanYou do not like to carry large and bulky bags, preferring always and everywhere to take with them a minimum of things? Then pay attention to the small fashionable waist bags, which designers suggested in the upcoming season. They just fit to put the necessary minimum, and at the same time free your arms and shoulders.

You can wear them over trousers or dresses.You can choose the size, shape and color to suit your preferences or mood. You can wear several bags at once, if you don’t fit all at once. This is the option offered by designers brand Kenzo.

Original semicircle

The sun is a circle, and if you fold it in half, you get a semicircle. Probably, designers were guided by this, creating models of bags of such shape. Most of these models are represented in the collection of Victoria Beckham. She was very fond of this form, and she decided to please her fans with such an unusual type of bags.

These models are very good for their spaciousness. And the natural beige colors make them so that they fit any color range in clothes. Simple design allows you to use them as a daily accessory. The way of wearing is over the shoulder.


Black handbag on a chainDesigners also offered fashionable models on a chain. And if it seems to you that this trend is not very new, then this is only an appearance. Since the essence of the differences lies in the details.

The first point is the color of the metal. If earlier the preference was given to the bright and brilliant variant, now the fashion is towards more muted, matte colors.

The second point is the ratio of the color of the chain and buckle.In this case, the designers focused on the fact that the metal should be the same. That is, the difference in color is undesirable.

And the third point is the size of the links. Most of the models on the catwalk were with rather large links, although this is not necessary. There already rely on your taste.

Tote Models

This type of fashionable bags characterizes the integrity of the decor. This can be a unified design technique, which assumes the presence of cuts and nothing more. Another option is the presence of a single picture on the entire canvas of the bag wall. Moreover, the material of the bags can be varied: from leather to fabric. The main thing here is the decoration.

Such fashionable models differ in volume, which is very convenient for those who love to carry everything with them.

You took such a bag, and you can be ready for any surprises.

Large envelopes

Red clutch envelope in female handsAnother relatively new trend, moved to the podium from previous seasons. In the designer collections there are many bags that are folded like envelopes. Here not only the shape is important, but also the size. Such an envelope should be voluminous.This model was presented by many brands. They used a variety of materials.

On the podium were presented fashion models of fur, leather, fabric. Most of all there were bags of large and very large size. So do not hesitate to surprise others with the size of your accessory.

Reptile Leather Products

Carrying bags made of special reptile skin and other “reptiles” is a classic. Therefore, it is not surprising that this trend reappeared on the catwalk in the collections of many designers.

Despite the fact that such accessories were not presented with such a rich choice, they still attracted everyone’s attention. Such bags are made in various styles, but they are united not only by the presence of reptile skin, but also by color solutions. They have moved away from the classical ones, and therefore you can see models of bright and unusual colors for this material. Red, blue, beige, green - these were presented by the designers to the public. And not lost.

Small strap

This trend already refers not so much to the material and decor as to the way of wearing.

Now in order to conveniently intercept the bag, handles are not needed, since there is a special small strap. In this way, you can wear not only small clutches, but also women's sports bags and backpacks.

A small strap is suitable for carrying models of medium size. At the same time, the material of the accessory itself does not matter. These can be knitted bags or leather goods. The designers paid special attention not only to the strap loop, but also to the way it is attached to the accessory. Carabiners, large rings and other options are represented in the collection in collections.

Big size

In the coming season, the bags are large. And this is not surprising. After all, today a woman needs to have a lot of things with her in order to always look attractive. And in a small clutch or a small handbag everything, alas, does not fit. Therefore, designers have gone to meet the women of fashion, increasing the volume of the necessary accessory always.

On the podium one could see large women's bags over the shoulder and on the arm, models in the form of backpacks-torb, many beach bags. Also there are products with rope handles, which are tightened. Many designers have pleased their fans with such models.

Take two

When you have so many things that one bag does not fit, you can always take the second.However, it should be the first to duplicate the design. This option is called "babybag" by analogy with the English name. Although in size it is not always smaller than the first.

Variant material can be varied: and knitted bags, and fashionable fabric, and leather options. Dressing may be slightly different from what is on the main bag, although in the complex they should look harmonious. The effect of the whole should be preserved in any case.

White color

White bag with fringe on the shoulderThe podium of the spring-summer 2016 season saw a lot of white bags, so they can be easily identified as a separate trend. There was such a variety of models that every woman of fashion will surely choose for herself what she likes. The concentration on color has led designers to start experimenting with form and materials.

Interestingly, for example, look small knitted bags with fringe. Fashionable baskets, bags and other options will appeal to lovers of unusual shapes or retro-style.

Belt plus handles

Trend, which was noticed in the collections of many designers. If you do not like to carry women's bags over your shoulder, or there is a need to alternately use handles and a long belt, then you can safely not separate one from another.

Originally looks like a combination of different materials that were used to create a belt and handles. And the popularity of the trend was confirmed by the presence in the collections of the most successful models, both with handles and a belt. Therefore, you can safely choose any of them and know that for the sake of convenience, you can use any of these methods of wearing.

Fashionable backpack

Bag backpackAmong the models presented by designers, there was nothing bright and entertaining, as it was in past seasons. No unusual shapes or bright colors. All models are created in discreet and familiar colors.

Some options offer contrasting accessories, but their percentage is very small. In favor are practical and durable fashionable materials.

Two colors

It is interesting to look fashionable bags that offer a combination of two colors. At the same time, they can be used both to create a contrasting band on the canvas on the side, and for a narrow ribbon, making out the bottom plus handles.

By choosing such a bright color scheme, you can base yourself on your preferences or desire to inform others about your pink dreams, the blue sea, the yellow sunlight and so on.Here you can also include already become a classic version of the combination of white and black.

Suede plus leather

This is exactly what many handbags look like that have passed the path on the catwalk spring-summer 2016. The main material is suede, but accessories, handles and some other decorative elements are made of leather. Such a natural combination is diluted by the play of color. They look much more attractive than knitted bags with the same design, although suede is not so practical.

Despite this, all the designers agreed that suede plus leather is a great trend for a spring-summer look. Especially if it is supplemented with a third interesting component - it is a metal ring or other other piece of shiny material.

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  • Choosing stylish handbags for women

    Choosing stylish handbags for women

    Choosing stylish handbags for women

    Choosing stylish handbags for women

    Choosing stylish handbags for women

    Choosing stylish handbags for women

    Choosing stylish handbags for women

    Choosing stylish handbags for women

    Choosing stylish handbags for women

    Choosing stylish handbags for women

    Choosing stylish handbags for women Choosing stylish handbags for women Choosing stylish handbags for women Choosing stylish handbags for women Choosing stylish handbags for women Choosing stylish handbags for women Choosing stylish handbags for women Choosing stylish handbags for women Choosing stylish handbags for women Choosing stylish handbags for women Choosing stylish handbags for women Choosing stylish handbags for women Choosing stylish handbags for women Choosing stylish handbags for women Choosing stylish handbags for women Choosing stylish handbags for women