Cat Lulu - the best gift for a child

Cat Lulu - the best gift for a child

Many of us in our childhood dreamed of having a fluffyhome pet. But animals need care and care every day. The company Hasbro combined business with pleasure and developed a fluffy and affectionate pet, for which there is no need to harvest the products of vital activity in the tray, feed, check with veterinarians, vaccinate, and so on. We present to your attention an amazing development for children called the interactive cat Lulu.

External description of the toy

Children will be delighted with this amazingcreation only when parents insert batteries into it and turn it on. But before talking about the abilities and functions of the animal, we will tell you about how it looks. Cat Lulu always lies. It has a white color, but there is a second modification, executed in the same color, only with an additional red color on the ears. The length of the toy kitten is 34 cm. Weight - 1 kg 200 g. Toy cat Lulu is almost like real, it is very nice to iron. The hind legs are not interactive, like the tail and the front right paw. The front left foot moves and bends. The on button is hidden on the abdomen under the Velcro. When the mode of operation is turned on, it starts to hum slightly.

cat lulu

What is included

In the box you will find not only a toy, but alsofour batteries, which must be inserted into the animal, so that it "comes to life." A cat Lulu loves to comb her hair. Therefore, the developers have provided and put into the package a cat's comb. The toy you buy is not just a cat, it's a full member of the family. Therefore, the developers have put into the box a cat's toy passport. There it is necessary to enter her name, as well as information about the name of the owner of the animal. Also you will find the instruction manual for the toy in different languages.

interactive cat lulu

Functions and abilities in interactive mode

Cat Lulu "comes to life" thanks to the built-ininteractive sensors that respond to touch, movement, voice and lighting levels. Therefore, the animal purrs and moves its head. Its sensitive sensors are hidden on:

  • forehead;
  • cheeks;
  • the nape;
  • tummy;
  • backrest.

If you stroke the cat on the cheek, then sheTurn his head in the direction of the hand. And if you detain her, then your furry favorite will gratefully grate for her. Cat Lulu will begin to purr, if you pat her on the back of the head. And if you show perseverance and will stroke it in that area a little longer, then it will turn over on your back so that you scratched her tummy! Do not stop, continue caressing the cat, then she will cover her green eyes with pleasure. A toy animal can wash itself! Otherwise, what kind of cat is this, without such a skill ?! She washes her face with her soft white paw. And she also knows how to meekly meow, opening her mouth, when you stroke it with love and trembling. If the owner stops caressing her, the cat opens its eyes with surprise and starts to meow again, demanding continuation of contact with the master's hand. When the master does not respond to the call of the pet, she returns to the starting position. You learned about the ability of the cat in an interactive mode.

About light mode

Thanks to this program, the cat is moreis self-sufficient. She mews me more. Often closes the eyes and wash longer. In this mode, the animal does not respond to touching and ironing. In the light of a cat is more active. When the light goes out, the cat starts blinking and blinking more often, and then falls asleep at all! When the light is turned on, the toy "wakes up".

toy cat lulu


Such a cat will help a family in which it is impossibleTo get animals if someone is allergic to wool. The toy will be an ideal gift for a girl who dreams of having her fluffy and affectionate purr. In this series there is also an interactive dog.

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  • Cat Lulu - the best gift for a child Cat Lulu - the best gift for a child Cat Lulu - the best gift for a child Cat Lulu - the best gift for a child Cat Lulu - the best gift for a child Cat Lulu - the best gift for a child Cat Lulu - the best gift for a child Cat Lulu - the best gift for a child Cat Lulu - the best gift for a child Cat Lulu - the best gift for a child