The history of the first mobile homes for more than 100 years. According to the DOT, there are 8.2 million mobile homes of all types on the roads of the United States every year, on average, a mobile home travels 7,500 km, traveling 28 days.
Today I will tell about the caravans, their stories, and show you their internal structure.

1. All houses are divided into four large groups - self-propelled, semi-trailed, bumper-trailed, and stationary (such installed on top of pickups). In turn, each of the classes includes a mass of subclasses, by weight, trim materials, number of axles, length, etc.


2. This is what a trailer looks like. Almost all of them move through various pickups. F150 - the leader among pickups, so he often falls into the frame. Large-sized trailers are no longer capable of pickups of the 1500 series, so they are transported by "heavy artillery" in the form of the 2500 and 3500 series.


3. By the way, the hitch is of two types, hinged (the trailer with the help of such a hitch clings to the hinge installed in the pickup body), and the saddle (a mini version of the usual hitch trailer hitch requiring installation of an additional hitch in the pickup).


four.Self-propelled homes are more expensive in price, but better suited for long trips for several months.


5. Actually, back to the story. The first mobile home was made in 1910 by Touring Landau.


6. This trailer was a small booth on the same axis, which could be attached to the car. In the booth, as in a carriage, there were two benches, the back bench had a folding back and with a slight movement of the arm turned into a bed, under the front bench was a toilet and a washbasin. No frills, but the house on wheels.


7. A few years later, several companies, noticing the demand for this product, began to manufacture and offer their homes on wheels to customers.
Pay attention to the gas fireplace.


8. Gradually cars became more and more reliable and refined, but also designs of houses did not lag behind design of cars. RV manufacturers tried to take into account all the latest fashion and customer desires, today their design does not stand still and keeps up with the times.


9. By the way, the very first club of fans to travel in motor homes, appeared in 1919 and by 1930 there were already more than 150,000 people.


ten.So, let's take a look at a typical self-propelled motorhome, made on the basis of the Ford E-250.


11. In today's caravans there is absolutely everything: a kitchen, shower, toilet, bathroom, washing machine, dryer, sofa, chairs, dining table, bedroom, TV, microwave, Internet and ... and the list goes on and on . From the outside there is an awning.


12. View of the back of the house-bus: toilet, to the right washstand, to the left behind the door - a shower stall.


13. The number of thoughtful details does not cease to amaze and delight. For example, the sink (by the way, there are two of them, like in all kitchens in the USA) are closed on top, which turns the stand into a large table, convenient for cooking. The stove is also covered with a lid. All stoves are gas, for 3-4 burners, with an oven and without, in fact, they do not differ from domestic stoves. This house costs $ 67,950. It is not expensive, for example, a BMW M3 in a luxury configuration costs the same.


14. Now we go to a more luxurious house, which is a full-size bus in size. This RV will cost you $ 167,495, it was made in 2011, so it is sold at a discount, the original price was $ 182,995.


15. This bus was assembled at Ford base, its length is 12 meters, weight is 16 tons.It has a diesel engine Ford Triton V10, with a capacity of 362 hp, which has a generator to power all communications inside, an additional small gasoline generator is installed, designed for parking without an external power connection. Such a generator keeps the main diesel engine from excessive wear, and even with it is quieter inside.


16. View from the driver's seat. On the left is a full-fledged kitchen, which includes: a microwave with a dish diameter of 80 cm (1000 W), a full-fledged gas stove for 3 rings without an oven, though a double sink with a mixer under one of the sinks. On the right is a table for dinner, on the left you can see a piece of the sofa that did not enter the frame. And, of course, TV, where without it?


17. Kitchen more close up. Here I removed the covers from the stove and sink. There are a lot of cabinets for dishes and products, all of them are closed with the help of tight springs, so that the cabinets will not open spontaneously on the go.


18. Slowly move on. Behind the kitchen and a conditional hall with a dining room there is a passage to the bedroom, in which a double refrigerator is hidden from the glutton in the left. He knows how to make ice and has his own filter for water purification.


nineteen.There is a toilet behind the refrigerator, and a washing machine and clothes dryer behind it.


20. Opposite of all this are a shower and washbasin. Well, for me - a bedroom.


21. Actually, here it is. Behind the mirror on the left is a dressing room. And around - the realm of all kinds of lockers for socks and not only.


22. The seat of the RV pilot. In addition to the basic bells and whistles, there is a satellite dish, internet, cable TV (which can be connected in the parking lot), and many more “gadgets” that even Maybach can envy.


23. Most windows and doors have mosquito nets.


24. Let's look inside another “bus”. This RV costs $ 134,495. Also built on the basis of Ford, but in principle, everything inside is similar to the previous model.


25. Kitchen. On the right, the air conditioner control controller is visible, without condition.


26. View from the bedroom on the shower stall and sink.


27. It is worth noting that such an inside width of the cabin is achieved by “moving out” of some parts of the house for parking dimensions. Some units are completely mounted on runners, for example, the entire kitchen, which just drives off to the side. Runners inside the cabin are visible in photos 16 and 17, the entire side kitchen leaves sideways, increasing space in the hall.


28Of course, a scrupulous reader will argue that you have to be a millionaire to buy a house for 150 or 200 thousand. I agree, but on what, then, do ordinary Americans? Examine several budget trailers.


29. For example, a two-axle bumper-type trailer, 10 meters long. Despite the year 2006 - the house is completely new.


30. View from the door to the tail section. In principle, everything is the same, a little simpler finishing materials, there is no more elegant leather on the chairs and tiles on the floor. But there is still a table for dinner, beds and a TV. Children's beds in the rear of the cabin are folded up, and in their place is a garage, and the back wall is not a wall at all, but an access ramp for vehicles. Such a mobile garage is designed for 2 quad.


31. And this is the view towards the trailer tow bar. Traditional gas stove, sink, it is still double. Two black handles immediately behind the stove are a refrigerator. Further behind it there is a big door - behind it a washing machine and a dryer, and a toilet with a shower stall - through a wall behind a kitchen sink. Well, in the end - a double bed, immediately to the left in front of her - a sink for washing. All the beauty will cost you only $ 14,495.


32. Let's see another option.Also a two-axle trailer, 2008, 8.5 meters, it costs $ 17,995.


33. Inside, everything is similar, only here a garage for 4 quad. It is also worth noting that any home has an autonomous supply of water, fuel and gas, calculated on average for a period of 7 to 40 days. Life support stocks depend on the size of the house.


34. You can buy a trailer with the skin, it does not really affect the cost of the RV - $ 16,495.


35.Look outside. 2008, 8.2 meters.


36. And this bus costs $ 370,000. It is so cool that even there is a rear-view camera, and they only allow it in by recording. Well, no kidding, it looks the same as other buses, only larger in size and more expensive finishing materials. The cost of some of these houses comes to $ 1 million.


37. Do not forget that the comfort of traveling in the United States is provided by thousands of special parking lots (RV parks) for mobile homes, where you can connect to an external source of electricity, sewage, here you will be charged with gas, water and fuel.


38. In addition to ordinary road houses, there are more advanced, with the formula 4x4, and even 6x6, but they are very rare and make up less than 1% of all homes. This is due to the fact that most of those who like to wallow in the mud prefer to tow a Jeep or a few quadrics in the back, and leave the house in a well-prepared parking lot,because after a day in the mud still want to return to a cozy home.

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