Bakhchisarai skete of St. Anastasia the Modelers

Bakhchisarai skete of St. Anastasia the Modelers

Eight kilometers from the Bakhchisarai Holy Dormition Monastery, in the Kachin Valley, not far from the village of Bashtanovka, an ancient settlement is located on a hill under a high cliff of a cliff.Kachi-Kalon. The rock massif in which this ancient settlement was located looks like a ship, and in on a rock, resembling the stern of a stone ship, deep cracks form the correct image of a huge cross. Probably, therefore, the mound also received such name - Kachi-Kalyon, which meansCrusade ship.  




Not far from the entrance to the settlement of Kachi-Kalon from the north-west side, in a huge detached boulder, a small, 6 x 3 m, church of Saint Sophia was carved. After examining the inscriptions on the tombs in the temple, experts say that the temple was already operating in the 16th – 17th centuries. It is known that in the XIX century, this temple was restored.


In the rocky massif Kachi-Kalona, ​​stretching for more than half a kilometer, in addition to the existing natural grottoes, a large number of caves have been cut down.Among these caves, the main part of which is for household purposes, one can identify monastic cells and former temples. It is assumed that on the territory of the settlement, the monastic monastery, which originated around the VIII century, later changed to an agricultural settlement.


In the fourth, the largest and most majestic (about 70 m in height), the grotto of Kachi-Kalona is the source of St. Anastasia, who in the past was highly respected not only among local Christians, but also among the Muslim population.


On the mountainside, under the Big Grotto, caves are carved into the fragments of rocks. Among these fragments are the ruins of the Church of St. Anastasia the Girlmaker. In the XIX century, this ancient temple was located on the territory of the Anastasievskaya Kinovia, which was organized with the participation and care of St.. Innocent of Kherson. Cinovia, which belonged to the Holy Dormition Monastery, existed until the 20s of the 20th century, when it was liquidated by the power of the Bolsheviks.




If you go back to the beginning of the settlement of Kachi-Kalyon in the north-western part of the massif and climb up the wooded beam, you can go to the current skete in honor of St. Anastasia the Patternmaker. The skete of St. Anastasia, referring to the Bakhchisarai Holy Dormition Monastery, was recently organized.In 2005, the first monks settled here, who used a cave under the temple, cut down in the Soviet era when developing a nearby quarry.


In a very short time, the monastery grew significantly and decorated. Only those who have been to these places before can appreciate the enormous ascetic work of the brethren, which has transformed the once unattractive place. Today, besides the young monastery garden and the utility rooms and cells organically integrated into the surrounding landscape, a new spacious ground temple is being built, the territory for further construction is expanding. The cave temple is originally decorated with hundreds of handmade lamps and a forged iconostasis.


Next to the monastery in honor of St. Anastasia the Girlmaker, a source is equipped and consecrated. For a relatively short history of the existence of the monastery there is evidence of healings and help received by believers from the water of this holy source.


Today the monastery lives a full independent life. The number of brethren gradually increases, construction is under way, and services are held regularly on Sundays and public holidays.The monks who work here can rightly be considered worthy successors of the glorious traditions of their predecessors who prayed in these places about 100 years ago.

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  • Bakhchisarai skete of St. Anastasia the Modelers Bakhchisarai skete of St. Anastasia the Modelers Bakhchisarai skete of St. Anastasia the Modelers Bakhchisarai skete of St. Anastasia the Modelers Bakhchisarai skete of St. Anastasia the Modelers Bakhchisarai skete of St. Anastasia the Modelers Bakhchisarai skete of St. Anastasia the Modelers Bakhchisarai skete of St. Anastasia the Modelers Bakhchisarai skete of St. Anastasia the Modelers Bakhchisarai skete of St. Anastasia the Modelers