10 strange stories that need explanation

10 strange stories that need explanation

Life is full of unexplained phenomena, mysterious objects, people, places and events that need to be investigated. Over the past 30 years, people have greatly advanced in the study of archeology, astronomy, computer technology, physics, chemistry, biology and statistics. People begin to understand how the planet Earth appeared, and begin to study cosmic anomalies. Some studies have generated new questions about historical events and scientific theories. We can only hope that, over time, people will begin to better understand how the world works, moving only in the right direction.

10. Man-umbrella


On the day of the assassination of John F. Kennedy in Deali Plaza, dozens of people filmed the scene of the crime. The most important photos were taken by Abraham Zapruder, with Kennedy's head visible on them. To figure out exactly what happened that day, the official government studied every inch of available personnel. In some cases, strange people were seen on the photo.The most noticeable character was the grandmother, who stood with a camera not far from the crime scene, but the police never found her.

Another mysterious figure in the photo is a man with an umbrella. It can be seen in several videos and photos, including the film Zaprudera. He was the only one in Deali Plaza who stood with an umbrella, which was rather unusual for a sunny day. A man opens an umbrella and raises it high above his head at the moment when the president’s limousine approaches. Then he turns the umbrella clockwise — and Kennedy gets shot.

After the shot, a man with an umbrella sits on the sidewalk near the traffic sign. Then he gets up and goes in the direction of the Texas School Bookstore. The police could not find out who this man was. His story has been the basis of many films, including the Oliver Stone film. According to the investigation version, the umbrella served as a kind of signal to the shot. Or even he could signal the driver of a limousine to drive slowly. Witnesses claimed that Kennedy’s limousine stopped completely at the time of the shot.

A less well-known theory is that a man with an umbrella used a poisoned dart to immobilize Kennedy before firing.
Another person who is of interest is a black man standing next to a man with an umbrella. When shooting Zaprudera, it is clear that this person is making a characteristic attack at the moment when the president’s limousine caught up with him. This gesture is very similar to the Nazi greeting. The same dark-skinned man was removed at the time of using the radio in the Deali Plaza building.

In 1978, after an official appeal by the US Political Assassination Committee to the country's population, a man named Louis Stephen Witt identified himself as the man with the umbrella. He stated that he had brought an umbrella with him to attract the attention of the president and ask him a question. Another hypothetical person with an umbrella is Cuban-American Manuel Artime. He died in 1977, shortly before the investigations of the Committee on Political Murders began.

9. The Mysterious Walls of Berkeley


On the east side of San Francisco, you can see the strange ancient walls on the hills. Little is known about their origins. The walls are built of nearby basalt structures that serve as the foundation of the walls. The stones are deep in the ground and weigh about a ton.The walls extend from Berkeley to Milpitas and beyond, and all the way to San Jose. Some walls have collapsed with time, but in some places they are clearly visible. In some places, the walls intersect, suddenly turn and go up the hill. However, they surround nothing, and, it would seem, do not serve a practical purpose.

The walls surround the mountains and continue to the mountains of Diablo, where people discovered a strange round stone 9.1 meters in diameter. The best-preserved walls are located at Peak Monument, which is east of Milpitas in California. In some places, the walls reach 1.8 meters in height and 0.9 meters in width. In one place the walls form a circle and are closed with a boulder. The construction itself looks old, but its age has not yet been investigated. Before the arrival of the Europeans, the Indians lived in this area, but even they did not use this design.

To the west of San Francisco, there is another stone wall that also attracts attention. It consists of more than 400 neatly folded stones and shares the Tomales Peninsula. It is not clear who did create these walls, but some believe that they were built by Indian tribes to protect their territories.In 1904, a professor at the American University, John Fryer, suggested that the wall was built by the Chinese, who arrived in California before the Europeans. Some researchers have noticed that similar walls can be seen in Massachusetts, Vermont and Maine. Some parts of the Berkeley wall have already gone cracks, in which you can see long-dried tree trunks, which indicates that these walls have been there for a very long time.

8. Lost recordings of Apollo 11


Historians argue whether the most important video in history is true. On July 21, 1969, the live broadcast of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, strolling across the moon, was broadcast around the world. Six hundred million people, or a fifth of humanity, followed the broadcast. The video was very blurry due to the technical equipment of the time.

Initially, this used format could not be played using televisions of the time, so the recordings were converted to another format. The optical limitations of the monitor and camera markedly reduced the contrast, brightness and resolution of the original. Also, the conversion has added extraneous noise to the video.

You probably think that the representatives of NASA understood the importance of the original video in SSTV format and kept it at the required temperature and in safe conditions. Unfortunately, not this time. In 2006, it was reported that NASA lost 700 boxes of magnetic recordings, including recording a walk on the moon. This was a huge mistake, because now the video format SSTV can be made much clearer. This mistake led to a number of statements that the walk on the moon itself was just a theatrical production.

7. Remains of the supernova G1.9


According to NASA, G1.9 is the remnant of the newest star in the Milky Way galaxy. She is only 140 years old, which is very small for this type of stars. This age seemed controversial Russian scientists, because in the early 1860s about this star was not mentioned anywhere. However, NASA claims that increasing the brightness of a star in the past 25 years suggests that it is young. The opening of the star was held at the NASA conference on May 14, 2008. At the same time, it was stated that this is the discovery that humankind has been striving for over the past 50 years.

Some scientists do not agree with the status of a new celestial body, becauseit may be a satellite of planet X or Nibiru. For the first time G1.9 was discovered in 1984, at the same time it was rumored that a strange planet was discovered in the USA. In 2012, there were reports that Spanish astronauts discovered a planet twice the size of Jupiter, beyond Pluto.

At the same time, Spanish scientists found that the object was formed according to the same scenario as the sun. In their opinion, his story resembles the story of Nemesis, a star that is difficult to detect. The Spanish team discovered that the brown dwarf was moving around the sun at a distance of about 95,000 astronomical units (1.5 light years) under the Oort cloud. In November 2010, a scientific journal published a study of astrophysicists John Mateze and Daniel Whitmere, who suggested that there is a sun twin, larger than Jupiter, in the Oort cloud. Researchers named this planet Tish.

Spanish astronomers say they are following G1.9 with great interest due to recent gravitational changes in the Oort cloud. In 2010, it was reported that Pluto changed its color, which could occur due to an increase in temperature. In the past few years, NASA discovered two new moons around Pluto, which indicates that there are more objects in its radius than previously thought.This fact interested Spanish scientists who do not deny that G1.9 affects Pluto.

6. The ruts of prehistoric carts in Malta


The ruts of Malta are a prehistoric landmark located next to the Dikgli cliff on the east coast of Malta. Malta is a southern European country located in the center of the Mediterranean Sea, 80 kilometers from Sicily. One of the secrets of Malta is the ruts of prehistoric carts, they represent a whole network of tracks in stone. The first mention of them dates back to 1647, when Jean Francesco Abela suggested that they were used to transport stones from quarries to the sea for further transportation to Africa.

To date, it is still unclear how these ruts appeared and were used. Most archaeologists believe that this happened around 2000 BC, when new residents arrived in Malta from Sicily. The ruts can be found in Malta and Gozo, but around the cliff Dingli form something like a cork, and then diverge in different directions. On average, the grooves reach 60 centimeters in depth and the distance between the tracks is from 110 to 140 centimeters. In some places, ruts form intersections, which is somewhat similar to a railway. Therefore, this intersection was named Clapham, after the station in London.

These ruts can be seen on the entire stone surface of Malta. Some of them extend up to hundreds of meters in length and head for the water. Many tried to explain the appearance of these ruts, for example, as a result of the use of sleds. Someone thinks that these grooves served as an irrigation system. Recent studies have shown that they could appear due to the impact of wooden carriage wheels on limestone. If so, they are evidence of an ancient shipping network in Malta.

5. Crater of Wilkes Land


Wilkes Land is a huge area in eastern Antarctica, named after Lieutenant Charles Wilks, who commanded the US expedition of 1838. During the expedition, Wilkes found evidence that Antarctica is a continent. In 1962, a man named R.A. Shmidt was the first to suggest that there was a giant crater behind the Wilkes Land. His theory was based on the hypothesis of seismic and gravitational anomalies in this area. In 2006, a group of researchers led by Ralph von Vries and Laramie Potts using NASA's gravitational measurements of satellite showed that there is a crater 480 kilometers wide.The huge crater is located at 70 degrees south latitude and 120 degrees east longitude. The possible time of its formation is 250 million years ago.

An abnormal formation is located within a wider ring that can be detected using snapshots. If the object in the photo is a crater, then judging by the calculations, it should be five times larger than what caused the Mel-Paleogene extinction.
Based on the time of the crater, it can be argued that it also influenced the Perm mass extinction, which occurred 250 million years ago, and which is considered the largest extinction since the appearance of life on Earth. In 2012, it was reported that the samples taken from the center of Wilkes Earth, contain elements of the tropics. The researchers were able to recreate the flora of Antarctica, and they discovered that there were tropical and subtropical forests on the continent 52 million years ago. Scientific assessment has shown that the winter temperature on the banks of the Wilkes Land 50 million years ago was above 10 degrees Celsius.

4. Anomaly of the Baltic Sea


On June 19, 2011, a Swedish diving team called Ocean X made a strange discovery in the Baltic Sea.On that day, the divers of Ocean X used sound equipment to detect, as they wrote, “a very strange 60 meters in diameter cylinder.” After he was photographed and published in the press, many noticed his resemblance to the spaceship Millennium Falcon from Star Wars.

Ocean Founder X Peter Lindberg said: “At first we thought it was just a stone, but it turned out to be something else. Since there is no volcanic activity in the Baltic Sea, our discovery looks even more inexplicable. ” In 2012, the researchers returned to the place of discovery with 3D scanners and other equipment. After researching the facility, it was stated that all electronic equipment stopped working within a radius of 200 meters from the facility. After a closer study, the object was described as a huge mushroom with a thick support 8 meters in length and with a 4-meter dome on top. On the object were visible straight lines, right angles and rounded stones.

In July 2012, an assumption arose that this was a Nazi system for detecting enemy submarines, something like a radar. If this is actually the case, then this is an important historical discovery.It will also explain the fact that electronic equipment does not work near the object.

Some ufologists are also interested in history, claiming that this is a spaceship from another planet. The first data of these scientists contain information about the structure of the object, namely that there is a staircase, a passage and a small entrance. There is also an assumption that this anomaly is at the end of a huge landing strip. In 2012, articles were also published in which it was stated that this object is nothing but a huge underwater rock, but many disagree. Further, this story is classified, as well as the location of the object in the Baltic Sea. It was reported that not far from this place were research of the American and Russian military.

3. Map of Winland


In 1960, it became aware of the Viking settlement on the shores of Newfoundland. This discovery was evidence that the Vikings arrived in North America long before Columbus did. As stated in the Saga of Icelanders, the great explorer Leif Ericson founded a Scandinavian settlement in North America called Vinland around the year 1000.Vinland is mentioned in the work of Adami from Bremen in 1075 and the Book of Icelanders in 1122. According to these data, Barney Herolfsson discovered America around 986, on the way from Iceland to Greenland. These stories and forced Leif Ericson to go to this area.

In 1957, the whole world learned about the map of Winland. This map was called the 15th century world map, which contains unique information about the Scandinavian expedition to America. In addition to Africa, Asia and Europe, in the south there is a land in the south of Greenland called Vinland. This discovery shocked the scientists who were trying to figure out the origin of the map. The parchment of the card indicates that it was created somewhere between 1423 and 1445. Some considered this card a fake, others as a script.

In the late 1960s, it was announced that chemical examination of the ink of the map showed their belonging to the 20th century. More specifically, the presence of anatase, a synthetic dye that was used only from the 1920s, was revealed, but this dye was used in its natural form in the Middle Ages. The situation was complicated by the fact that an unknown substance was also found on the map, perhaps it appeared due to inaccurate experiments on the document.To maintain the authenticity of the card, it can be said that the wormholes found on the parchment correspond to those found on medieval books, which may indicate that the card has been in the book for a long time.

Interestingly, Greenland is depicted in the form of a precisely delineated island, fully consistent with the actual outlines, while the image of Norway is extremely inaccurate. The map also has a territory very similar to Japan.

Many historians believe that this map may be a copy of the map of the 1430s of the Italian navigator Andrea Bianco. Now the map is at Yale University, and its owners confidently declare that it is genuine. Despite the controversy over this, the cost of the card is estimated at $ 25 million. Perhaps this is the first map that shows America.

2. Glazed forts


In 1777, a man named John Williams, who was one of the first British geologists, described the phenomenon of vitrified forts. He called this name stone formations, or walls, which were formed as a result of exposure to high temperatures. This phenomenon has puzzled many scientists, becausethey could not figure out how this could happen. To date, there is no generally accepted method of glazing objects of large size. The temperatures required for vitrification in this case are correlated with temperatures in a nuclear bomb explosion. Many such vitrified structures have already been found in the world, about 80 exist only in Scotland.

These forts vary in age from the Neolithic to the Romanesque periods. These structures are quite wide and resemble a dam. They formed under the influence of temperature, and many of them have traces of fire. But temperatures alone are not enough; for vitrification after exposure to temperature, the object must cool very quickly, which makes particles more tightly bound to each other. About the process of vitrification (vitrification) again began to talk, when in 2012, scientists began to use it to preserve organs and tissues at low temperatures.

Many historians disagree that vitrified forts are the result of careful and deliberate exposure to fire. For this it was necessary to maintain the temperature between 1050 and 1235 degrees Celsius, which would be quite problematic. It is also not clear for what purpose it was done.Some believe that this phenomenon was the result of exposure to strong flares in the sun: the plasma ionized gas in the atmosphere, it turned into a giant electric explosion that could melt and vitrify the stone. It is known that during solar storms, the sun sometimes ejects huge plasma flows. But at the moment, vitrified forts are one of the strangest anomalies on Earth.

1. North American Heat Wave 2012

It is not yet fully understood what caused the drought in North America in 2012, but strange weather patterns have long influenced everyday life. Extreme weather began in March 2012, when more than 7,000 cases of extremely high temperatures were recorded in North America, particularly in the United States and Canada. At the same time, western states and parts of Canada suffered from cold. In March 2012, snow fell in Oregon, while in Chicago the temperature was higher than usual.

In June 2012, a series of violent storms occurred in North America. As a result, 22 people were killed and 3.7 million were affected by the disaster. In July and August, another weather anomaly occurred, leading to 100 deaths in the United States and Canada. Plants died, and the global economy was severely damaged.Then the United States turned to Russia for help with exports, but in Russia at that time there was a strong drought. As a result, food prices worldwide have risen.

Despite the very high summer temperatures in many states of the United States, in some places, such as in northwestern Washington, air temperatures are below normal. Weather anomalies led to the fact that many again remembered the end of the world, which was predicted by the Maya Indians. There have been many statements that a large planet is approaching Earth, with which it will not be possible to avoid a collision.

In 2012, a drought in North America led to disastrous consequences for the economies of the United States and Canada. This catastrophe was called the most "expensive". In July 2012, 97% of the glacier in Greenland was thawed, which is the maximum for the entire observation period. Scientists say that weather anomalies are directly related to the greenhouse effect.

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  • 10 strange stories that need explanation

    10 strange stories that need explanation

    10 strange stories that need explanation

    10 strange stories that need explanation

    10 strange stories that need explanation

    10 strange stories that need explanation

    10 strange stories that need explanation

    10 strange stories that need explanation

    10 strange stories that need explanation

    10 strange stories that need explanation

    10 strange stories that need explanation

    10 strange stories that need explanation

    10 strange stories that need explanation

    10 strange stories that need explanation

    10 strange stories that need explanation

    10 strange stories that need explanation

    10 strange stories that need explanation

    10 strange stories that need explanation

    10 strange stories that need explanation

    10 strange stories that need explanation

    10 strange stories that need explanation

    10 strange stories that need explanation

    10 strange stories that need explanation